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Work In Progress

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Portfolio Production


Prerequisite: GAM-23 or GAM-32 or GAM-46 or GAM-48 or GAM-52 or MUC-6 or [ART-22, ART-39, CIS-59, CIS-66, CIS-78B, CIS-79 and CIS-81] or [CIS-68 and CIS-75] Description: Creative organization and presentation of a body of work exhibiting portfolio-quality aptitude. Covers all aspects of creation and presentation of a professional portfolio for students of multimedia majors such as 3D modeling, animation, game design, game programming, mobile applications development and graphic design. Students will edit existing work to emphasize individual strengths and areas of specialization. Compilation of a professional resume and mock interviews will be completed by each student. 18 hours lecture and 54 hours laboratory.

This section is a web-enhanced class. Internet access is required. Designated laboratory hours are included in the meeting times for this class.









Meeting Information

Web Enhanced Lecture Tuesday 06:30 – 07:20 PM,
Web Enhanced Lab Thursday 06:30 – 07:20 PM
Web Enhanced Lab Tuesday, Thursday 07:30 – 08:35 PM

Industrial Technology, Room 202

Title: Game Asset/Engine Integration
Course Section Number: GAM-41-38837
An intermediate 3D modeling class with a strong focus in low poly modeling, texture mapping and
importing art assets into an industry standard game engine. Topics also include the basics of lighting an
object, creating custom textures and presentation skills.