On Sun, 10 Sep 2017, you wrote:

I think I just paid this recently.
> Sent from my iPhone
> > Hello, CENSORED.
> >
> > This is a friendly reminder that your account #CENSORED
> will be rebilled  in the next five to seven days.

Charges made to this account:
2015-09-18 Hosting $214.80
Total Charges: $429.60

Payments made to this account:
2015-10-16 07:02:28 CENSORED $214.80
Total Payments: $429.60


On Thu, 07 Sep 2017, you wrote:

> hello as you said about the below, but you did not specify WHAT USER
> NAME AND PASSWORD – will I use the one from panel as the
> user and password or as the person, in fact, using the email and
> password for the particular inbox as set up based on a domain you
> host? I noted my questions right next to yours see below.
> so when you write precisely, please look for upper case words as I
> asked my question in that case below
> Hostname: mail server name
> Username: (the full email address) WHO IS THAT?
> Password: (the email password) WHO FOR?
> Use SSL: Yes
> Authentication: Password. WHO FOR?
> Port: 993

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